IFMA 22 – Next Gens Program

The Next Gen program as part of IFMA22 is an exciting warm up then specially designed for up and coming farm managers, specially designed to help you make the most out of the full Congress – and is the first time such a program has ever been offered as part of an IFMA Congress. It will feature social events so you can meet others from around the world at a similar stage in their career, work with international experts in sessions designed to help give you knowledge and insights for your stage of career, explore Northern Tasmania’s agricultural sector, as well as have a good time! The program has been designed between the IFMA22 organising committee as well as Adam Mostogl (2017 Australia’s Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs & 2015 Tasmanian Young Australian of the Year) to make the most out of your time in Northern Tasmania.

All participants in the Next Gen program will also be given an opportunity to be an active part of the Congress proper, sharing the knowledge and experience developed on a platform that will show the entire industry the exciting future the Next Gen participants will lead.

The program kicks off at noon on Saturday, March 2 in Launceston, and will conclude shortly before the Congress opening function on Sunday, March 3. Recognising that our Next Gen participants are the future of the industry, this special program addition is designed to maximise your participation in the Congress as well as build an international network that will stay with you for years to come.

We look forward to seeing you in Launceston for this exciting and engaging Next Gen program as part of IFMA22.

Who is eligible to participate?

Next Gen program participants should be:

  • Employed in some form of managerial capacity; this could be on a farm or in a business related to agriculture (eg. sales or finance).
  • Less than 31 years of age by 28 February 2019, although applicants who are in the early stages of their careers and are under the age of 36 may also be considered.
  • New to the IFMA and not previously attended a Congress.
  • Applicants must be fluent in the English language

Please note that the Next Gen Program is restricted to 35 delegates.

How do I apply?

To apply for the Next Gen program please email your resume / CV (2 pages) along with a cover letter confirming you meet the above criteria through to

Applications close 31 October 2018.


Saturday 2 March 2019

  • Mix of session and farm visits hosted by Adam Mostogl, starting from noon
  • Group dinner

Sunday 3 March 2019

  • Morning session and mentoring hosted by Adam Mostogl
  • Farm visit
  • IFMA 22 commences

IFMA-John Alliston Memorial Bursary

The late Professor John Alliston was president of IFMA for many years, and a dedicated supporter of farm management education.  The Bursary was established to honour his contribution to farm management, and is valued at $2,500.

Young Tasmanians working in agricultural management are encouraged to apply for the IFMA-John Alliston Bursary that provides the registration fee and accommodation in Launceston for the Congress and the Next Gen supplement.  Applicants should apply for the Bursary by submitting a short CV (2 pages – see the application requirements for all Next Gens) with a cover letter confirming that you meet the Next Gen criteria to, together with a short description of your expectations from the Next Gen program and the Congress (what do you expect to get out of attending).

The winner will be selected by the IFMA22 Organising Committee, and announced on 31st October.

Next Gens Program

Saturday 2 March 2019

Download Program PDF





1200 – 1330

Introductory Lunch

In a facilitated manner, all of the participants will gather for lunch to meet each other, network and eat before activities.

Hotel Grand Chancellor Launceston
1400 – 1500

Fun/Adventure activity

This will offer everyone a chance to have some fun and enjoy a different side of Northern Tasmania.

1530 – 1700

Farm Tour

As this property has built a solid brand and successfully handled the transition

to younger leadership, this would provide a great case study for the Next Gen group to view and learn from. Not only would the visit involved looking around the property, but also a panel discussion with the farmers (if possible) to learn and talk to them directly.

After this everyone will be taken back to Launceston to refresh for the evening.

1830 Networking Dinner TBC

Sunday 3 March 2019




1000 – 1130

Sunday Breakfast

The breakfast session will be a way to bring everyone together for the day, and include an invited speaker and a Q&A session with the participants before the program proper commences. Mentors and Congress Council members will also be invited to attend

1200 – 1400

Farm Tour II

After breakfast, a second farm tour will showcase another farm in the region that is transitioning well and has strong youth leadership rising up. This visit could incorporate a barbeque on the property for lunch to ensure that everyone gets something to eat.

1430 – 1600 Return to Launceston with time allocated to work with mentors in small​ groups to prepare their presentations as part of the formal Congress program later in the week. Landfall
1600 – 1700 Additional time for mentoring meeting, or else to prepare for opening of full  Congress program later in the evening Hotel Grand Chancellor Launceston