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The 22nd International Farm Management Congress is to be held in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

The International Farm Management Association (IFMA) is an international body of about 400 members primarily academics, consultants, advisors, farmers, government, administrators and policy analysts with interests in farm management.  It has held Congresses in many countries, starting with Warwick in the UK in 1971, to bring people together from around the world to discuss and debate issues, share experiences and learn from each other.  The Congress is not just about the host country.  More information about IFMA is available on its website (  

The main theme is “Growing Agriculture at 410 South”. While the theme infers special interest in Tasmania, and is consistent with the State Government’s objective of increasing the farm gate value of agricultural output 10-fond by 2050, we believe the issues we face are similar to those in many other areas around the world.  Farms in Tasmania are generally more diversified, smaller in scale, and producing for specialist overseas markets rather than bulk commodities.  Growth in output will depend on exports.

Conference Themes

The contributed papers and posters should therefore focus on issues associated with growing agricultural output in environments like Tasmania’s, and we suggest the following sub themes:

  1. Future technologies and implications for farm management
    • Robotics, sensors, “Internet of Things” “Big Data” – implications for farm management
    • Farming equipment
  2. Role of governments
    • policy, regulation of technologies, trading arrangements, biosecurity
    • Foreign investment
    • Education & training
    • Public infrastructure
  3. People of future agriculture
    • Sourcing skilled and casual labour
    • Succession planning
    • Training, skills development
  4. Managing farm business
    • Smart farm management tools, benchmarking, KPIs, data analytics
    • Managing risks and debt
  5. Business models for farming
    • Share farming, joint ventures
    • Contracting, out-sourcing
    • Contract farming
    • Part-time, small scale, “hobby-farming”, entrepreneurship
    • Diversification, large-scale/corporate farming
  6. Downstream linkages
    • Market chain development, regional branding
    • Value adding
    • Niche and commodity production, product differentiation
    • Customer and societal expectations, urban-rural divide
  7. Environment and resources
    • Protecting the land and environment, managing natural resources
    • Urban encroachment, competition for land and water
    • Intensifying land use
  8. Research and extension services
    • Public and private investment and partnerships
    • Knowledge transfer and exchange
  9. Strategies for agricultural growth
    • Local, regional, state, country strategies

Submission Formats

The Organising Committee is looking for papers (peer and non-peer reviewed) and posters around the main theme that specifically address one of the sub themes.  A time slot of 15 minutes (12 minutes presentation plus 3 minutes for discussion) is expected to be allowed for presentation of each accepted paper at the Congress.

Peer reviewed papers are those that must be approved by a Scientific Committee before being included in the Proceedings.  Non peer reviewed papers are not reviewed and are designed to encourage submissions from farmers, consultants and others who want to present a paper but who do not want to go through the refereeing process.

In the proceedings, refereed papers are distinguished from non refereed papers and this distinction is made at the Congress so that attendees know whether they are attending a presentation about a paper that is refereed or non-refereed.

It should be stressed that the Congress Organisers are very keen to encourage “applied” or “practical” papers (i.e. not refereed) as these are a major focus of the Congress.  Interestingly some academics have in past years chosen to submit papers in the non refereed category.

Posters are also welcomed on the Congress sub-themes.

Accepted papers for the contributed papers section of the congress will be allocated a presentation slot at the Congress.  We are planning to publish the papers first on a USB flash drive to be given to each delegate at registration, and then later on the website in the Congress Proceedings. Once accepted for presentation and publication the paper becomes the copywrite of the IFMA.  Permissions to publish a paper elsewhere will require permission from both IFMA (via the Hon. Secretary) as well as the author, and should be accompanied with acknowledgements in the usual way.

How to Submit

Submissions are due by 5pm Wednesday 31st October 2018 and can be submitted via the presentation portal on this website.

Papers and posters should be prepared using the following guidelines:

Guidelines for Paper Submissions

Guidelines for Poster Submissions

Authors will be notified of the status of their abstracts by December 2018.

Presenters Registration

All presenters will be required to register for the congress and pay the appropriate registration fee. Presenters also need to meet their own travel and accommodation costs.

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The objective of the International Farm Management Association is to further the knowledge and understanding of farm business management and to exchange ideas and information about farm management theory and practice throughout the world. The IFMA is a non profit-making organisation and currently the Association has members in over 50 countries.

Congress Managers

Please contact the team at Conference Design with any questions regarding the Congress.

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