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1Ohio State University Extension





Ohio State University Extension has a long standing tradition of using on-farm research to enhance education through collaboration with farmers. Recently, to address the need for improved communication and sharing of research results, a team of Extension educators and researchers came together to formalize an on-farm research network. The program, eFields: Connecting Science to Fields, aims to be the premier source of research-based information in the age of digital agriculture. The program began in 2017 with 39 field-scale trials including high speed planting, corn and soybean seeding rate trials, corn nitrogen trials, and side dressing corn with manure using a drag hose.  In 2018, over 100 trials were conducted in 23 counties. Analysis was expanded to include the economics of seeding rate, nitrogen rate and nitrogen timing studies to help farmers improve input decision making. Research results are reported in an annual publication that is available as a printed book and an electronic version at go.osu.edu/eFields. Implementation of results from the seeding rate trials alone on corn and soybean acreage across Ohio has the potential to generate $1 million USD in savings for farm managers.


Amanda Douridas currently serves as the Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Educator in Champaign County where she focuses programs and research on farm management and agronomy. Champaign County is located in west central Ohio, USA and is primarily an agricultural county. According to the 2012 Census of Agriculture, 190,000 acres are in farmland and the market value of agricultural products sold is around $130,414,000. 873 farms average 218 acres. The average value of products sold per farm is $149,386 and the average net farm income is $56,258. Douridas received her B.S. and M.S. from The Ohio State University.

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